Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pman "Genius Child" Aerni

Oh my little P dude. So the newest update for Parker is that Ryan is SO proud of him – he has taken to telling anyone who will listen that he is a genius.
Now, don’t get me wrong I think Parker is a smart cookie, but don’t “toot his horn” quite so often as daddy does. (Yes, dear, its true that the Speech Therapist at daycare said he is extremely articulate for his age)

Anywho - for Halloween, Parker dressed up as Elroy Jetson as a bit of a joke. If you aren’t aware, Mr. Elroy is a highly intelligent little one who is an expert in space science. He studies astrophysics at school at age seven. So, I made him an Elroy costume!

Now to share what our own genius child is up to:
He can tell you what these animals say – Cow, Chicken, Duck, Pig, Dog, Cat, Sheep, Horse, Dinosaur, Lion and Monkey.
He does have quite the vocabulary and is a little parrot, repeating just about everything possible he can.
He knows to say please, thank you and you are welcome.
He knows to ask for kisses and hugs.

Pman, my smartie pants, I hope you stay on track and become a Rocket Scientist and make lots of monies!

His newest “tasks” we are working on is the teeth brushing. We are allowing him to do his own teeth, but we are trying to teach him the difference between brushing teeth and eating toothpaste.
We are also working on the potty training. He talks about Elmo Potty all the time and sits on it saying “I have to poop”… but nothing has actually occurred yet. Maybe soon…

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