Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am back!

I was just realizing how much my life has changed when I looked at this old blog page… how life goes by so quickly, I will never know. I blinked and am now proudly raising a 15 month old walking, talking, teething, sassing toddler. What? How did this occur?

So, I decided to try this blogging business one more time. I didn’t do so well the first year of my little p-man’s life, but I figure we all deserve second chances, yes?

Rather than go over old news (like the teething, walking, talking) lets skip right to the good stuff.

P-Man now roars like a lion. It’s quite amusing. If you ask him what sound a lion makes he says “roar”. I find this funny no matter how many times per day I ask him to do it.

He also discovered the sheer joy involved when you take out all of something and make mommy or daddy put it away. Like removing all the books from the bookshelf, or all the dvd’s from the shelf, or all the blankets from his dresser… yea, you get the picture. Totally drives Ryan batty – I find this behavior also, amusing. Though I do know I will have to eventually discourage this mess making tendency. Or I shall be the maker of my own evil little monster.

I think we have all seen that Ryan is already turning him into a lawn obsessive weirdo… check facebook to see Ryan directing Parker with a little man sized lawnmower, ensuring he drives in straight lines.

And finally! I have started doing things that will embarrass him when he is a teenager. For example: I put him in pajamas that make him look just like Woody from Toy Story. See reference.

I then share these photos with people… sort of like I just did on this blog.

Oh, Parker how you will roll your eyes at me one day. Love Mom!

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