Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh boy, boy o boy

Oh wise mothers in the world: my night with the Pdude.

So, I was working on making dinner for my lovely family when all heck broke loose. I was alone in the kitchen (Ryan was working out)as Pdude was behind me, coloring at the kitchen table (rookie mistake). I turned to the stove and dumped the chicken bits into the casserole dish. I turned back and Pman wasn't at the table. I had a second or so of panic as I stepped around the kitchen island... and found this.

Naturally, I snapped a quick photo of P - then prepared to give the traditional "we only color on the pages" lecture that all parents give. However, P was one step ahead of me. He suddenly yelled "Mommy, gotta poopy" and ran to the bathroom. Well, I hopped up and followed him (leaving crayon AND dinner behind) where he was crying and standing next to Elmo Potty. I quickly stripped off his diaper and pants and sat him down. Well, P then went poop in the potty. This being the first time he has done anything but sit idly on this little contraption, I celebrated this moment! (Mildly, thanks to advice from Regina Palmer). I then redressed Pman and headed back to the kitchen and cleaned up the crayon.

So, he thwarted punishment tonight by deciding to outdo himself - and go poopy on potty. Though we did discuss not coloring on the wall while mommy scrubbed off the wall. Then returned to finish said casserole for dinner.

Ahh, P. :)

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