Monday, February 8, 2010

More about baby...

It’s interesting… our “things to do list” is getting longer instead of shorter!

Greetings everyone (or the two people who care to read this little Baby Blurb) from the giant pregnant lady. Today was our original "Baby Due Date" but baby doctor moved us back. So instead today we are 16 days away from Baby’s “Due to Arrive Date”, which I must say to me – seems an eternity away. However, I have heard endless times how much I will want to go back to the easy pregnant days once he gets here. Maybe those women don’t have swollen feet, constant back pain, 25 bathroom visits a day, not to mention some “unmentionable” troubles I won’t gross everyone out with!

Ryan & I are both feeling anxious but ready to meet our precious little person… Ryan falls asleep lots of nights with his hand on my tummy, making sure ‘Barney’ knows he is very loved. We spend extra time cuddling with the Mooks so she doesn’t feel left out, and she often spends an hour or two cuddled next to my tummy. I think she is letting baby brother know she is ready to meet him too! As for me, I still talk to the little guy – while in the car or shower. Lately we have been talking about when he might feel like coming – and how big he is! I am trying to get him to stay small… but I don’t know how that’s going either.

We are still having weekly doctor visits and all is well. Baby has a strong heartbeat and doctor believed he was head down (yea!) at our recent visit. I lost one pound over the week which doc says is a good sign, so we are hopeful we can meet baby soon. I am still doing fine also – my most recent test was negative which means no antibiotics during labor, another piece of really great news.

That’s all from this rambling “MTB” – catch you on the flip side!

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  1. Good luck Jill - can't wait to meet the little guy! -- Dan