Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am back!

So talk about being a lazy blogger… sheesh! Hahaha, in fact I was still pregnant last time I visited my little blog world. Ooopss!

Well skip past the ‘entrance’ of Parker into this world, because he was quite a stinker and I don’t wish to relive that business. Let’s talk current here folks. Parker is my little ray of sunshine, and just the perfect little man. (Except when he poops everywhere, pees everywhere and spits up everywhere all in the same 20 minute time span… then he is just plain being a booger!)

Here is today’s ‘Parker’s Top Ten’

#10 Parker’s sound of choice is ‘ow’ (believes it is very impressive to the ladies)
#9 He thoroughly enjoys chewing on his own hands
#8 He has already seen his first little league baseball game – with Daddy as a coach
#7 He enjoys wearing plaid pants & shorts
#6 He finds it extremely funny to pee on his mother
#5 He finds it extremely funny to spit up on his mother
#4 He likes to watch t.v. – mostly sports with his daddy
#3 He enjoys taking baths in his ‘personal tub’
#2 He already has a girlfriend… sigh, such a ladies man!

And the number one ‘Parker’ tidbit of the day…
He still sleeps in his bassinet because his overprotective mommy refuses to give in and move him. (Daddy & Parker both think I am looney!)

I promise to keep writing again… although I am relatively sure no one reads this, so I don’t have to worry too much.

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