Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby brings so many things...

I am sure everyone heard by now about my little accident at the office… oopps! I slipped in our hallway and fell on my left side. Of course, it was in front of LOTS of people – and boy was my face red! Skip a little bit to my boss recommending me calling my doctor & me finally saying “okay, couldn’t hurt”. Then the doctor saying “come in just to be safe”. Then skip to “actually, you are having contractions and we don’t like what we are seeing… we are sending you to Bryan”. Then spend hours hooked up to machines & get medicine to stop said contractions (happening every 3 minutes). Wowza, what an afternoon!

My co-workers, boss, friends & family were all very supportive & concerned, and I love & appreciate you all! Baby and I are doing just fine once again. He is still in there cooking right along.

I do think I am growing a bit every day though. I swear every time I put on a sweater or pair of pants they are all tighter than the time before. And Ryan loves to tease me about my t-shirts… they would now be appropriate for a belly dancer when I wear them! Baby must be working on putting on the pounds in there, since his daddy was 8 pounds & 12 ounces! I am hoping for somewhere in the 7 range, but we will see.

I had another baby shower on Sunday (the 17th) and it was the most wonderful fun I ever had! We enjoyed Lazlo’s food (the best in Lincoln there is!) and I chatted with lot’s of friends. I wish I had hours longer to talk to everyone because I was having such fun. I didn’t even mind sitting in the center of the room to open gifts. Plus, I got my diaper bag – and I had been waiting months to see it. Let me tell you, it was worth the wait. I am so in love with its adorableness I can’t even describe it to you. I need to learn how to sew – and create beautiful things like this! My lovely Brianna & Anna were in charge and I owe them huge for creating such a great memory for Ryan, Baby & me!

Follow the fun Lazlo’s shower with a shower at the office. I shared the spotlight with another pregnant office-mate, Amanda. She is due just a week after me. Whoops, we didn’t plan so well… need to remember that for next time. We had a delicious lunch and some time to gossip a bit with other female office members. They generously gave Barney a Target card which he will get some nice things with.

We have a check-up appointment on Thursday and we will see how things are going then. We are at 35 weeks now so not too much longer before Baby Aerni will greet everyone!


Ryan, Jill & Baby ‘Barney’ Aerni

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