Monday, October 19, 2009

Barney Francine Aerni

All about the baby - from Jill

Greetings from the mommy, daddy & ‘sister’ to be. Ryan & I decided to start this little ‘blog’ so that those who are interested in the development of little Barney Aerni can have a place to see what is going on in our little world.

This first post is a long one, so we can catch you up to where we are today! Jill is 21 weeks along, and so far – mostly good. We are all adjusting to things nicely – Mookie loves to cuddle on my stomach. I think she senses her little brother is growing in there, and she is telling him she promises to play nice when he comes out. Ryan also has started laying his hand on my tummy – often at nighttime, to check on his little one. It makes us all feel a little closer to our special baby boy.

Some highlights:

1st heard Barney’s heartbeat: 170 beats per minute
* Insider story – Jill didn’t hear it! All I heard was static but didn’t want to be the girl who was confused about her own baby heartbeat, so I pretended I knew what was going on.

Heard Barney’s heartbeat again: 155 beats per minute
* Update to insider story: This time Jill heard it plain as day – felt much better!

Ultrasound at 16/18 weeks: Saw little Barney!
* Insider Story: Jill was terrified that something was going to be wrong with her little one. I refused to look at the ultrasound screen until the tech made me turn around – and there was my baby! Soon after she told us we were proud parents of a boy – and I could see visions of sports & hunting dancing in Ryan’s eyes immediately. Sad news… the tech pushed back the delivery date by 2 weeks, so I had to start backwards at 16 again. Whew!

Doctor Checkup: October 15th, 2009
* Insider Story: Folks, we have a mover! I thought I felt little Barney moving – the sensation some refer to as ‘bubbles’… but couldn’t decide for sure. But while the nurse was checking for Barney’s heartbeat, he must have been trying to nap… because he was upset! He started punching or kicking – and both the Nurse & I felt it right away. Then Ryan hopped up and got to feel Barney too! An extremely exciting day for all of us.

Painting Away: October 17th, 2009
Barney’s room is officially started! Ryan & Jill actually worked well together on a project – shocking to anyone who knows us! We painted our little ones room with a coat of blue primer – and it looks just wonderful. We can’t wait to get the final colors done soon, so we can share a photo with everyone.


Francine – This is the nickname Alivia has given to our little one. She does know we are ‘growing’ a boy – but she is a smart cookie! Francine is the "best friend" of one of her favorite cartoon characters. So she named our little one after the best, and we love it. She recently asked if the baby would come from “the baby crack” – which she got from the scar her mom has from having her. Funny girl!

Well, now you are caught up with the life of Barney! Ryan & I will keep everyone in the loop as much as possible on our new little blog. We hope this will help all feel more connected to all that is happening with our growing family. Love you all!


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  2. Aw, Jilly you're a blogger! So cute! But just FYI, I will still be calling you and texting you as to the well being of my favorite nephew. This is because I feel entitled, after all I am the crazy person who touches your tummy every time I see you and I get to hear all the fun other pregnancy questions and concerns you have! With love!